“Free” is a Gorean term for Goreans. It is not all inclusive

More false teaching coming from some online Goreans that is exposed and corrected. A thread in the new Colosseum, (or Roundtable) promoting the following – “TO ALL FREE WOMEN, GOREAN OR NOT…” Wrong. Incorrect. False teaching again. Watch the video and listen for yourself.

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This Is Real

A Free woman named Nyre, regularly takes pleasure berating several Free men. Unacceptable. Not Gorean at all. Reminds me of Callie when she was around. I would not allow that behavior in the Gorean Gathering Place, but it has always been welcomed with open arms over in the new Colosseum. Even more appalling, was bringing […]

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The Devil Is In The Details

  Get a pen and piece a paper. Follow with me as I share all the different dates BearofAr has posted over the years. I will provide a link on my Blog – alecpurves.blog with more information. BearofAr joined Fetlife in 2011. He stated on his profile (until recently changed) that he had a FC […]

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The Need To Run To The Caretakers

I just noticed that Bearofar ran to the Caretakers to have some posts removed when I suggested about his fake relationship with a slave of 21 years. Classic! I share about my impression and suggestions that there is no slave. The reason are found here in the Blog posting. Some of Malkinius posts were removed […]

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BDSM and Gor

  A brief explanation of the differences between BDSM and Gor. Oftentimes you will read that it is a ‘versus’ or ‘clash’ between the two. That does not necessarily need to be the case. BDSM is simply a kinky activity or roleplay some enjoy doing. Gor is following the Gorean Philosophy and living the Gorean […]

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So What Happened…?

I have had some people message me asking why I was removed as Moderator of the Gorean Location Services (GLS) that was promoted here in the Gorean Gathering Place. About a year ago, I thought it would be another opportunity to promote Goreans being able to come together and meet with each other in person, […]

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Living As A Gorean In Your Own Home

There have been some very troubling posts lately from a very small minority of people who have issues with a Gorean living openly and honestly in their own Home, among family, among friends and even in the local community. Absolute nonsense! Living as a Gorean; following the Gorean Philosophy, striving to live by the Gorean […]

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