The Importance Of Belonging To A Gorean Home Stone


Culmination of the Facts of the Latest Chicago Gor Home Stone Sexual Assaults

Over many years, there has been a well known sexual predator within the Gorean community. Until recently (March 2017), he had support and refuge and fellowship in the Chicago Gor Home Stone. There have been several sexual assaults over the years. Some like Kree and flame spoke out. Others like Mark and selena shared their […]

You Will Not Believe The Latest Spin On The Chicago Gor…

Received a message late last evening while at work. Apparently Nyre is now saying the girl consented to being sexually assaulted. Unbelievable!!!! Quotes from Nyre – “…a women who by her own consent was at a Gorean event, and was sexually assaulted… “…These actions scream how little he knows about Goreans, or the ethos behind […]

Men Need To Be Men

A couple of quotes from the Books – “Masculinity and femininity are complementary properties,” I told her. “If a man wishes a woman to be more feminine, he must be more masculine. If a woman wishes a man to be more masculine, she must be more feminine.” Page 205 – Explorers of Gor   This […]

Plans Underway For An Annual Nation’s Capital Gorean Gathering

    Rossi Studio located in the National Arts Centre in Ottawa. Located across the street from the Chateau Laurier and the Parliament Buildings. Imagine an evening of Gorean entertainment with some tribal and belly dances with track lighting, audio sound system, and the Parliament Building in the background. Zoe’s Lounge located inside the Chateau […]

Day 17 – My First Collar

I had been seeing a beautiful girl for over a year. We were both excited and enjoying reading the Gor Book series. We decided to establish our relationship as a Master/slave dynamic. In April, 1980, the hockey team I played goalie with won the Ontario Championship. What followed, I share on the video below….

Day 11 – Apparently I Am A Bully…..

I am amused how standing on principle, warning others, and taking a stand can piss some people off. #WhoWillYouHelp