This Is Real

A Free woman named Nyre, regularly takes pleasure berating several Free men. Unacceptable. Not Gorean at all. Reminds me of Callie when she was around. I would not allow that behavior in the Gorean Gathering Place, but it has always been welcomed with open arms over in the new Colosseum. Even more appalling, was bringing […]

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BDSM and Gor

  A brief explanation of the differences between BDSM and Gor. Oftentimes you will read that it is a ‘versus’ or ‘clash’ between the two. That does not necessarily need to be the case. BDSM is simply a kinky activity or roleplay some enjoy doing. Gor is following the Gorean Philosophy and living the Gorean […]

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Once a Month Gor Book Giveaway

  I am very excited to announce some great news happening very shortly! The Ontario Gorean Gathering and Assembly, along with and the Gorean Gathering Place will be holding a random draw once a month for a chance to win a new Gor Book! Once a month, we will be running a random draw […]

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Enjoy The Simple Things

Only those who have to do simple things perfectly will acquire the skill to do difficult things easily — Friedrich Von Schiller There are many things in life that can occupy our time; but it is the simple things that give us much enjoyment and satisfaction. Having a girl sitting at your feet at a […]

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