Day 19 – The Issue of Banning People From Events

A blunt and straightforward response to banning people. Safety of everyone attending is the first priority.   Advertisements

Day 15 – Some Amusing Things From Online Goreans

Sharing some amusing things that online Goreans have said to me over the years. Enjoy!

Day 13 – Remembering Some Of Our Past Events

I share about the Cambridge Mingle and Mixer, some of our workshops and seminars, and the Leather Traditions parties run by SOLA.

Day 10 – Blueridge Harley Davidson outing

Out with some members from the Ontario Gorean Assembly. Bikes, babes and bands! Good times….


Master was discharged from the hospital and is resting at home. Summer is doing well with the kidney transplant, with very minor complications. He thanks everyone for the cards, visits at the hospital and home, phone calls and prepared meals. He has requested any further visitation be done in the evenings. Rachel and Dahlia

Actual Facts About Homosexuality and Goreans

There are many Goreans who try and suggest it is only in recent years that the topic of homosexuality and Gor has become very heated and divisive. Several Goreans, including myself; have been at the forefront of addressing this topic; sharing and explaining in detail why and how many in the online community of Goreans […]


I am Master of a Gorean and Leather Household – known as the REALM of the PURPLE ROSE. It’s orientation is as a Male Dominant Heterosexual Leather (MDHL) Household. The REALM of the PURPLE ROSE, is one of several Gorean and Leather Houses that have joined together to form a very closeknit and active Leather Family.     Located […]