Some Simple Advice to New Couples Entering Gor

Over the past few months, there have been many new couples showing an interest in Gor. Some have started attending local Gorean Gatherings. Others are attending local workshops and seminars. These are all good things to do. Gor can seem overwhelming for new people starting out. Reading the Books, researching and understanding the traditions, history […]

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Great Weekend At Party Convention

Last weekend was the National Conservative Party Convention, held in Halifax, Nova Scotia. There was lots of discussion, policy making and referendums to be voted on.   I was very pleased to have Joy come from Chicago Ill to observe and spend the weekend with me. She really enjoyed herself, and loved going on some […]

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Life Is Good

A few months ago, I had the honour to officiate another Collaring Ceremony. This was for friends of many years living in Chicago, Ill. There were some setbacks regarding flights getting to Chicago, but it was worth the hassle and aggravation. There were friends I have not seen in years, as well as new friendship […]

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The Power of Social Media

  Amazing numbers on a monthly basis! Literally over 20,000 views on ALL my social media platforms monthly! I have been focusing more effort on various forms of social media to share about the Gorean Philosophy, the Gorean Lifestyle and the Gorean Ethos. I have also been using many social media platforms to warn others […]

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