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An interesting take on the female brain, and how and why a woman thinks and acts the way she does.

I must admit, Jane Seymour is in this movie, so it peaked my interest. A very thought out and accurate analysis of the female brain. A light comedy, but many great teaching points.

Source: Watch The Female Brain Online | Watch Full The Female Brain (2017) Online For Free

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Day 19 – The Issue of Banning People From Events

A blunt and straightforward response to banning people. Safety of everyone attending is the first priority.


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Day 18 – Some Reasons Why I Cannot Recommend Any Chicago Gor Event

A brief video outlining the reasons why I cannot recommend any Chicago Gor event. It is an unsafe place to visit. Period.

This was what one sexual assault victim testified –

“I was a visitor of the Chicago Home Stone, and there have been issues with the same person you mentioned as well. He has groped and assaulted me twice. Once by heavy kissing with tongue and grabbing my breasts without asking and assuming my consent , and another time more recently by grabbing my ass so hard it was sore several hours later. Both of these things were done without remorse or social conscience.”

THAT is called sexual assault.

chicago gor sexual assault

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Day 17 – My First Collar

I had been seeing a beautiful girl for over a year. We were both excited and enjoying reading the Gor Book series. We decided to establish our relationship as a Master/slave dynamic.

In April, 1980, the hockey team I played goalie with won the Ontario Championship. What followed, I share on the video below….

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Day 16 – A Simple Heartfelt “Thank You!”

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Day 15 – Some Amusing Things From Online Goreans

Sharing some amusing things that online Goreans have said to me over the years. Enjoy!

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Day 14 – Happy Valentine’s Day