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Once a Month Gor Book Giveaway



I am very excited to announce some great news happening very shortly! The Ontario Gorean Gathering and Assembly, along with Amazon.ca and the Gorean Gathering Place will be holding a random draw once a month for a chance to win a new Gor Book!

Once a month, we will be running a random draw on Amazon.ca for an entire week. It will be a random draw to win one of the Gor Books Saga series printed by Open Road Integrated Inc..

We will begin with the first Book –Tarnsmen of Gor, and each month thereafter we will proceed to give away a new Book of the following publication in numerical order. We will be giving away the entire Gor Book series in order. The contest will run for three years until we reach the last Book published.

The contest will run the first week of each month, it will be a random draw, and is open to anyone in good standing with either the Gorean Gathering Place or the Ontario Gorean Gathering and Assembly.



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Gor Is Not About….


Gor is not about HOCKEY

  • HOCKEY is not part of the Gorean Philosophy
  • HOCKEY is not mentioned in the Books
  • You are just a HOCKEY player.
  • HOCKEY has nothing to do with Gor
  • You cannot love Gor and HOCKEY
  • HOCKEY goes against the Natural Order
  • HOCKEY goes against the Order of Nature
  • HOCKEY is a slave’s morality
  • No one else from years past talked about HOCKEY
  • HOCKEY is not Gorean


If you are Canadian, chances are you would disagree with many of these points. Being Canadian, and Gorean allows you to enjoy and participate in any activities you want. It is your Life. Your decisions. Your choice.

Some will try to influence you to follow their example, or try to convince you that their input carries weight, or that they can determine your circle of steel (influence and happiness).

No thanks.

Most Canadians will get the following video. It is OUR UNWRITTEN CODE

And to share a secret – Watching Canadians being born is a glorious thing! It is natural and Canadian Goreans do play and enjoy ‘playing’ in the activities, or as spectators.
PROOF HERE – https://www.facebook.com/kennyhotz/videos/10154050001379069/

BTW – Replace the word HOCKEY and change it with BDSM, and see how ridiculous the argument becomes.

Being Gorean is a way of living by the Gorean Philosophy and Lifestyle. BDSM is simply an activity some Goreans may choose to participate in.

In Leather

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Not Telling The Truth


Over the past couple of years, there was some major flame wars and character assassinations happening online between Goreans. To this date; the two major camps continue to belittle, mock and try and discredit the other side by writings, postings in groups and poorly veiled status updates on their profiles. Sniping back and forth is a regular occurrence that has gone on for years. There was one individual, Nyre, who was constantly being overly dramatic and each time she retold a certain instance, the story changed just a little bit.

Over many years, she has gone after many people, rehashing and retelling events that may or may not have happened years, even decades earlier. On numerous times she tried to bring the drama of attacking other Goreans into the Gorean Gathering Place, and each time I had to admonish and reprimand her.

After correcting her on numerous occasions, she became bitter and very spiteful.

On one occasion, I was on a trip to the States running an Informal Gorean Gathering,  when she posted in The Gorean Gathering Place some false court documents about Dragon_, one of the people she had a major hate on for. I saved the document for Future investigating. I knew then that in a few months, I would be traveling to the area where the person being attacked was living. He had repeatedly said there were two documents being passed around on Fetlife, but Dragon_  was just as dishonest and unbelieveable as Nyre.

In May I travelled to Rome, New York for a Stag and Doe, as well as hopefully meeting with Dragon_. I had asked friends living there to get the Court Records of Dragon, and I would repay them when I arrived.


Upon further examination of the two copies,  it was easy to see that the copies that Nyre and ChainTee were passing around on Fetlife were forged and outright lies. I personally believe that they both already knew this, but did not care.

Nyre has also lied about an incident involving myself on at least two occasions in the past few months. One was involving a visit I had with a prospective girl in Florida. The visit did not go well, and I posted about it here in My Blog. Nyre took the story, and for shits and giggles did a post in another group about my misfortune. Unfortunately, she posted in the title about this Florida girl stealing from me. It was an outright lie and I confronted Nyre on it. I told Nyre that she was lying, but she did not care. Others in that group, the Gorean Roundtable Discussions,  knew it was a lie, but did nothing. Simply no morals. Just another axe to grind.

On another occasion recently, she mentioned that I have stated in the past  that Free women had no value. Another outright lie. I have stated on numerous occasions that I am looking for slaves, and that no Free women is of personal interest to me. Much different meaning and focus.

She is an unstable woman with no morals. She will try to cloak herself as a person of high morals, and high standards; all the while showing through her words and deeds continuously, that she has none at all. Nyre is just a  bitter, resentful and despising woman crying for attention.

In closing, I am finding it hard to believe in anything that Nyre says. She has passed around false documents knowingly about Dragon. She is deceitful and full of vengeance. She has openly lied about avi stealing from me. She has lied about my interest strictly in slaves, and not Free women. She can not be trusted or believed.

If you look at her profile, or have watched her over many years, she has also talked about being stalked. persued, etc. etc.. I am finding it hard to believe these incidences now. I now believe she was never stalked by numerous people. It is all about the attention. She loves the drama, and attention for always being the victim. Sometimes it is overkill and very unbelieveable.

I am sure she will continue to talk bad of me, trying to say that an incident that happened over 10 years ago, and was dealt with then; is prevalent and still important today. It would not surprise me if she claims that anything I do today, and over the many years previously with the Ontario Gorean Assembly;  or my own Home Stone – the REALM of the PURPLE ROSE® ; that somehow she and others from the old Silk and Steel era should take credit for. Utter nonsense! Silk and Steel was a social experiment that failed miserably, with disastrous results that the online Gor community never really recovered from.

I am sure her bitching and whining posts will continue in the Roundtable, her complaining and crying will continue on her profile and in her status updates.

She is not a victim. Just an emotional, unstable agitator who lies, is spiteful and hates to be corrected.

She left the Gorean Gathering Place, and returned to another group to run wild and bitch and complain. She has turned that group into another Colosseum of whiners and complainers.

UPDATE – Nyre went to the Caretakers to complain and have the screenshot of her losing her shit on her profile removed from my Blog.. Screenshot removed by request of the Caretakers, given a 3 day ‘time-out’;  but many, many  people saw and read it.

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Organising A Competitive Gorean Axe Throwing Team

Ontario Goreans Start Axe Throwing Team


Last week we had several Goreans decide to try their hand at axe throwing! We loved it so much, we inquired about the possibility of establishing our own team to compete in a league. The league will run Tuesday evenings at the Granite Club on Agnes Street in Kitchener.


We are looking for Masters and slaves to participate! Our Axe Throwing Leagues run for 8 weeks, the first week being round robin to get the hang of the league, format and scoring system. You don’t have to purchase any equipment.


An informal time weekly to socialize with other Goreans, enjoy some friendly competition, exercise and conversation.







If interested, please contact Rocker to sign up and get all the information.

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Actual Facts About Homosexuality and Goreans

There are many Goreans who try and suggest it is only in recent years that the topic of homosexuality and Gor has become very heated and divisive.

Several Goreans, including myself; have been at the forefront of addressing this topic; sharing and explaining in detail why and how many in the online community of Goreans are incorrect with their stance against homosexuality.

For some of us, this was settled years ago (over 30 years ago). But there are still MANY who insist you cannot be a homosexual and Gorean.

• Regarding Homosexuality –

There are a couple of examples mentioned in the Books about homosexuality in a positive light.

• The Waniyanpi

It is not clear, historically, whether the values of slaves were imposed on the Waniyanpi by their masters, or whether the Waniyanpi invented their ethos to dignify and ennoble their own weakness. It may be mentioned that, interestingly, since the Waniyanpi repudiate nature, and natural relationships, that there is, in the compounds, an unusual incidence of homosexuality, both of the male and female varieties. This is perhaps a natural enough development considering the conditioned obstacles placed in the way of more usual relationships. It also fits in better with the values of Sameness.
Bood Brothers of Gor – Page 155

• Regarding the Waniyanpi and New Seibar’s Holding –

…those who had been Waniyanpi were now no longer slaves of the Kaiila and, second, they now maintained what amounted, for most practical purposes, to a small free state within the Barrens.
These things were given to them as gifts by the Kaiila, in appreciation for the services rendered during the time of the war with the Yellow Knives and soldiers, for providing us with a tarn base within striking distance of Council Rock, and sheltering and supporting our men during the period of their training.
Blood Brothers of Gor” – Page 473

Also known as ‘the Sames’. A group of people (homosexuals) who fought and died for a cause. Died for their leaders. They were excellent soldiers and were rewarded as such.
Blood Brothers was published in 1982.

• Regarding Appanius and Milos
Appanius was a minor figure in the Book series. Not much is known about him. Just the fact the John Norman mentions him, and his particular sexual orientation should be enough.

It is also interesting to note that John Norman mentions that he was not only a Free man, but a successful Free man; owning several slaves, active and participating in his local community. All positive and productive qualities I believe.

“Appanius and Milo must be on intimate terms,” I said.
“Yes,” she said. “The master treats him almost as though he might be a free man. They discuss matters of business and the theater. Even in the great hall, at the common suppers, he has Milo above the salt and at his right hand.”
Magicians of Gor Book 25 – Page 310

Magicians of Gor was published in 1985.

Homosexuality on Gor was a fact, but it was looked down upon or ridiculed. It was not a crime nor was it seen as a perversion. The attitudes are no different than in today’s society and among many Goreans.

• Law of Nature

What is natural to a heterosexual is not natural to a homosexual.

This is perhaps a natural enough development considering the conditioned obstacles placed in the way of more usual relationships. It also fits in better with the values of Sameness.
Blood Brothers of Gor – Page 155

What many do not understand that oppose homosexuality as Gorean, is the simple fact that to a homosexual it is natural. It is normal. Their numbers may be small, percentage wise; but it is who they are. John Norman addressed it and mentioned a couple of examples that homosexuality existed on Gor. That should be enough. Period.

☑ Homosexuality on Gor was a fact. It was not a crime nor was it seen as a perversion.

It is simple fact, backed and supported by what John Norman wrote in the Book series.


The Gor Books mentioning homosexuality came in to print over 30 years ago. Long before the internet existed. Years before any online Gorean group. Over 20 years before Fetlife started. It is not something new that has been discussed and debated just in the past few years.

In almost every thread where someone asks a genuine, sincere question; if their profile states their sexual orientation as bisexual, homosexual, or lesbian; it becomes “fuck the question” and we are going to attack and tell you that you cannot become a Gorean.

Some Goreans say that homosexuality did not exist on Gor.
Some Goreans say it was never shown in a positive light.
Some Goreans say it is not natural and goes against the Gorean Philosophy.

Many Goreans get very defensive and refuse to accept facts. There have been the allegations and false statements that it is being shoved down the throats of everyone.

Some Goreans are against homosexuality for religious or personal beliefs and convictions. That is their choice.

People can choose to accept those who are homosexuals; or they can choose not to accept those who are homosexuals. That is a personal choice.

I wish people would just be honest with themselves and others by simply stating that are against homosexuals being Gorean. Stop trying to twist and make up false statements and allegations to try and justify your reasoning.

Goreans can choose to accept or reject anyone being a Gorean homosexual. That is their personal choice. But they CANNOT argue that it is not mentioned in the Books, or that it goes against the Gorean Philosophy.

☑ Homosexuality on Gor was a fact. It was not a crime nor was it seen as a perversion.
It is simple fact, backed and supported by what John Norman wrote in the Book series.

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CBC Radio Interview



http://www.cbc.ca/mediacentre/cbc-radio-one-kitchener-wateroo./50th anniversary gor books-1.3687077

Monday July 11th 2016

Radio Hosts Craig Norris and Andrea Bellemare

Guests Alec Purves, Dave Edwards, Rachel  and Anne

Had a great interview in studio discussing the 50th Anniversary of the Gor Book series; as well as sharing and discussing about the Ontario Gorean Gathering and Assembly. There was several listeners who called in to the radio show asking questions and were very supportive. It was very well received, and there is talk of a follow up interview in the Future! Thank you to Dave, Rachel and Anne for sharing their testimonies as well!

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purple%20roseI am Master of a Gorean and Leather Household – known as the REALM of the PURPLE ROSE. It’s orientation is as a Male Dominant Heterosexual Leather (MDHL) Household.


The REALM of the PURPLE ROSE, is one of several Gorean and Leather Houses that have joined together to form a very closeknit and active Leather Family.
    Located throughout southern Ontario, the other Gorean and Leather Houses in our Leather Family include the  HAUS of STEIN and the HOUSE of SHADOWMOON.
Our Leather Family is united and in agreement as far as Individual philosophy, Mission Statement and ideals in Family Structure and  Purpose.
We are Male Dominant Heterosexual Leather (MDHL).