“Free” is a Gorean term for Goreans. It is not all inclusive

More false teaching coming from some online Goreans that is exposed and corrected. A thread in the new Colosseum, (or Roundtable) promoting the following – “TO ALL FREE WOMEN, GOREAN OR NOT…” Wrong. Incorrect. False teaching again. Watch the video and listen for yourself.

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Count The Cost of Being Gorean

There is a cost. You will lose friends. You will be misunderstood. You will be maligned. And you will count the cost. The Negatives I remember when I first came out to the local kink community. I was attending a couple of munches, enjoying the conversation and meeting some new people. Within a short amount […]

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To Be Gorean and a Leatherman

Can there be such a thing? I have always been an individual that does not follow the crowd. I have been raised from early childhood to be independent. To evaluate, decide and act on any matter based simply on what is most important and is best for me and those in my charge; not to […]

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So… You are New to Gor….

First of all, welcome to my Blog! You have found something that will be both very rewarding and challenging. There are no shortcuts to learning about Gor. It is a daily process of learning, reflecting and applying to daily living what we learn. Some people tend to forget is that living and being Gorean is […]

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Gor Does Not Change

There have been many discussions and heated debates over many years on the topics surrounding issues such as Gor and BDSM, also about alternative sexual orientation, and the legality of slavery, etc.. What some of the more literal philosophers (sic) refuse to admit is that quotes can be found from the Gor Book series acknowledging that all […]

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