As a Gorean, why I am involved in the Freedom Movement. I was asked yesterday why, as a Gorean man, this was so important to me. There are numerous reasons…. I believe and strive to live the six main principles of the Gorean Ethos – Honour Truth Integrity Strength Freedom Duty What has happened here in Canada has gone directly opposed to everything I value […]

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How To Identify a Gorean Incel

When you move around Fetlife, sooner than later you are going to come across a group poorly disguised as “Gorean” that in actuality is a poorly disguised manosphere group with Gorean leanings. What is manosphere? The manosphere is a collection of websites, blogs, and online forums promoting some forms of masculinity, hostility towards women, strong […]

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This Is Real

A Free woman named Nyre, regularly takes pleasure berating several Free men. Unacceptable. Not Gorean at all. Reminds me of Callie when she was around. I would not allow that behavior in the Gorean Gathering Place, but it has always been welcomed with open arms over in the new Colosseum. Even more appalling, was bringing […]

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