The Wanker, The Whiner and The Windy City Sexual Predator

Some Goreans To Avoid At ALL COSTS!

The Wanker

I had thought that Prae had disappeared, but apparently he just changed his name to try and get a new start.

He has on numerous attempts contacted women who were in relationships to try and Skype with him. He would always use the angle that any Gorean can converse with a slave, regardless of her relationship. His objective was always to get the girl to Skype with him, undress and show her genitalia so that he could wank himself and get off. His would also try to undermine the authority of the Master of the girl, whenever possible. Simply a wanker trolling for wanker fodder.

When a Master of a girl stepped in and put a stop to his trolling, he would write a post on Fetlife complaining and whining about not being able to talk to the girls. He has been caught numerous times, and it has become a running joke in some circles.


The Whiner

I was told recently that a very unstable, over emotional woman, Nyre, was still active on some Gorean boards. I thought she had slinked away after being caught distributing false documents that she altered against Dragon. To be clear, Dragon is not someone I respect; but I disagree with falsifying and altering court documents, especially regarding his children; then passing them around to whoever would listen, and stating them to be actual facts.

She was also caught lying about a previous girl I had shown some interest in, claiming she stole from me. Simply not true, and when I challenged Nyre on it, she got very defensive and left the Gorean Gathering Place in a huff. Since then, I have heard that she has done numerous posts about me. I know she checks this Blog regularly, so expect another tirade in a couple of days. (UPDATE: Apparently it happened less than 6 hours after this post. Someone who I had a wager with, texted me that she went on another major meltdown tirade). So predictable! I won 2 tickets to the next Kitchener Rangers game!

Over many years, she has complained, whined, lied and had emotional meltdowns with numerous people. She is always attacking someone, it is a sign she lives a very unhappy life, that no one will go out with her, and she seeks attention playing the imaginary victim. A simple read of her profile; shows many, many signs of an unstable, unhappy, bitter woman.


The Windy City Sexual Predator

There is another man, Malkinius, who has repeatedly sexually assaulted numerous women over the years. It was common knowledge, but he was allowed to remain a member of the Chicago Home Stone.

Last year, another woman was assaulted at a Chicago Gathering in January 2017, and when the Master of the girl assaulted demanded action, he was attempted to be silenced from others within the Chicago Home Stone. There was a post done in the Gorean Gathering Place in March 2017 by a close friend of Malkinius,  Crell; defending him, two months after the assault, stating “vague and unsubstantiated attacks on someone else”.

Malkinius would usually wait until the girl’s Master left the room, then he would grope, forcefully grab and try to get the girl to service him in some fashion. If the girl objected, he would lord over her, that he was an authority figure, respected in the community, and she was a terrible slave and an embarrassment to her Master. This was done to try and silence her.

Things came to a head, when I encouraged the Master and the girl to come forward and warn and tell others what happened within the Chicago Home Stone gatherings.

The Chicago Home Stone has been an unsafe place to visit for years. One of the few places left that still encourage and support Malkinius’s behavior has been BearofAr and his group. That speaks volumes!

All three of these outstanding citizens, Prae, Nyre and Malkinius call themselves Gorean. They may be Gorean, but they are not people to be friends with. Many have been warned about their actions for years. All three try to assume that they are the Gor Police, that they hold a higher moral ground, and that they are ‘more Gorean’ than most.

They are simply ‘A Wanker’, ‘A Whiner’ and ‘A Sexual Predator’. Not Gorean at all.

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