This Is Real


A Free woman named Nyre, regularly takes pleasure berating several Free men. Unacceptable. Not Gorean at all.

Reminds me of Callie when she was around. I would not allow that behavior in the Gorean Gathering Place, but it has always been welcomed with open arms over in the new Colosseum.
Even more appalling, was bringing up a person, Jorvik, who passed away from a traffic accident last year and trashing him today with spite and glee. And no one said a word. No one.
These are the same people that went after Satyr_Silenus and bashed and trashed him after his death. Someone actually made a sock profile Silenus_Ghost for shits and giggles. Unacceptable behavior.
Schadenfreude. No class. Totally unacceptable. Still warning others and keeping them all at arms length.

She has gone way beyond the limits and qualifications of a Free Woman, and has been getting away with it.

Outing people, thinking she is equal to the men, bashing Gorean men, lying about money being stolen from me, forging court documents and trashing Goreans who passed away, etc. etc..

The gig is up. It stops now.


An ignorant free woman is a commonplace. An ignorant slave is an absurdity”
Savages of Gor Page 196


“Many free women regard themselves, without justification, as marvellous prizes. It can come a great shock to them to suddenly realize they are, for most practical purposes, worthless. This rejection had shaken her profoundly, Like many free woman she probably regarded herself as inordinately attractive.”
Renegades of Gor Page 79


” I had recalled that he had told me that although the use of an inn girl would cost me, in these times, three copper tarsks for only a quarter of an Ahn, I might have the free woman working in the paga room for an Ahn for only a tarsk bit. To be sure, that perhaps overrated her value considerably, as she was only a free woman. Whereas free women, technically, are priceless, that are also, usually, in bed worthless. They are not worthy of kneeling and humbly holding a candle within a thousand pasangs of a slave. To be sure, they commonly hold an inflated opinion of their expertise and desirability.
Renegades of Gor Page 63


“Frigidity is a neurotic luxury,” I told her. “It is allowed only to free woman, probably because no one cares that much about them.

Beasts of Gor – Page 243


In Leather


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